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What does water accreditation mean for plumbers?

Accreditation is an important recognition that plumbers can achieve from Sydney Water. This recognizes our accredited plumbers’ high standard of training and skills. This, in turn, helps to ensure that our customers receive a reliable, professional, and quality plumbing service.

Plumber Sydney has a team of fully qualified and experienced plumbers who are accredited by Sydney Water. We have a proven track record of delivering quality plumbing services to our customers. Our Sydney water accredited plumbers are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and experience.

What are the benefits of hiring an accredited plumber?

There are many benefits to using an accredited plumber. Here are just a few:

1. Accredited plumbers must adhere to a strict code of conduct. All accredited plumbers must adhere to Sydney Water’s Code of Conduct. This ensures that our customers can expect a professional, reliable, and quality plumbing service.

2. Sydney Water’s approval means that plumbers can work on Sydney Water’s infrastructure.

Accredited plumbers are able to carry out work on Sydney Water’s infrastructure, including pipes and pumps. This means that they can help to keep our city’s water supply safe and reliable.

3. Plumbers who are accredited by Sydney Water can use the Sydney Water logo.

This is a valuable marketing tool that can help to promote your business. It shows that you are a Sydney Water accredited plumber and that you meet their high standards.

4. Water accreditation gives plumbers recognition for their skills and training.

Plumbers who are accredited by Sydney Water have completed an accredited training course. This means they have the skills and knowledge to safely and effectively carry out all aspects of plumbing work.

5. Accredited plumbers have access to Sydney Water’s resources.

Sydney Water’s resources are available to accredited plumbers. This includes access to manuals, guides, and other information that can help them carry out their work safely and effectively.

How We Can Help

Wastewater Management

As accredited Sydney Water Plumbing Contractors, we at Plumber Sydney have the experience and expertise to take care of all your residential and commercial waste water management requirements in an efficient and compliant manner. We can help you with:

– Design and construction of new waste water systems

– Upgrading or extending existing waste water systems

– Repair and maintenance of waste water systems with service protection to guarantee quality

– Pumping and aerobic treatment solutions

If you are not sure what type of waste water system is best for your needs, our team can provide you with expert advice and water service to ensure you make the right choice. Our Sydney water accredited team can also help you with all the necessary paperwork and approvals required for your project.

Drainage and Stormwater Management

Our sydney water accredited plumbers are able to provide our customers with expert advice on drainage and stormwater management. This includes the design and construction of stormwater drains and water mains, as well as the maintenance and repair of existing systems from our water accredited contractors.

Water Supply and Treatment

Our Sydney water plumbers are also accredited to work on water supply and treatment infrastructure. This includes the design and construction of new water treatment plants and water mains, as well as the maintenance and repair of existing ones. Our sydney water accredited plumbers can also advise our customers on the most effective ways to treat their water in Sydney, depending on their individual needs.

Sewerage and Septic Tank Management

Our water accredited contractors are experienced in the management of sewerage and septic tanks. This includes the design and construction of new septic tanks and water mains, as well as the maintenance and repair of existing ones. We can also advise our customers on the most effective way to manage their sewerage and septic tanks, depending on their individual plumbing needs.

Expert Plumbers You Can Trust


Our Sydney water accredited experts offer competitive pricing on all our plumbing services. We also offer discounts for seniors and pensioners. You don't have to worry about a drop in quality because we offer all high quality products and services at an affordable price.

Quality Workmanship

At Plumber Sydney, we pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and water service that we provide. We guarantee that all of our work will meet or exceed your expectations. We stand behind our work 100%. If you are not completely satisfied with our work, we will make it right. We want you to be a happy, satisfied customer.


Our sydney water accredited plumbers value your time and understand the importance of getting the job done right the first time. This is why our plumbers are punctual and reliable. We will arrive on time and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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